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Stacey Scott

Hi there …. my name is Stacey Scott and I’m one of the owners of Hoof Shoes and a proud mother of 4 children. Two school aged children 7 & 6 and two preschool children aged 4 & 2! Last week when I was picking up my delightful children from day-care my 4 year old son presented 9 pieces of paper which he assured me were pieces of art!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that pre-school children’s art work can be very interesting at times. Especially my 4 year old son who I’m sure picks up a paint brush, does one master stroke and then walks away! 1 of the 9 pieces of paper that came home was like this so I asked him what it was. First he told me I had it upside down and then he went on to tell me it was a monkey.

Unfortunately his two older siblings were sitting with me at the time, they laughed and told him it wasn’t….. Within seconds his bottom lip dropped and tears started to flow! As all good mothers do I reassured him that I knew it was a monkey the whole time!

I would have to confess I’m not so hot at displaying my children’s artwork so finding a drawing pin, some blutak or even cellotape to do that proved to be a painful exercise.

My 7 year old daughter did a web search and found this idea. Use trouser hangers, how simple and effective is that! And just in case you think I undervalue my sons ability to create a masterpiece, his big sister helped him, or should I say took over this creation! I’m sure next week he will take it down and his one stroke masterpiece will be back!

Have a great weekend NZ

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