It’s not only children who grow……

Cheeky Chops Blue $40.00 The rough and tumble shoe – perfect for busy, fun-filled days. Lightweight and breathable with a flexible TPR sole for ultimate comfort. Cheeky Chops Orange $40.00 The rough and tumble shoe bursting with colour – perfect for busy, fun-filled days. Lightweight and breathable with a flexible TPR sole for ultimate comfort. Cheeky Chops Pink $40.00 The rough and tumble shoe with a girly touch – perfect for busy, fun-filled days. Lightweight and breathable with a flexible TPR sole for ultimate comfort.

Boys will be boys

I’ve learnt a lot of things since becoming a parent, but there are some lessons that are more amusing than others.  Of course, many of these experiences are also funnier after-the-fact, and they tend to be lessons that I’ve learnt the hard way at least once.   Many of these experiences have left me saying; “I’ll never let that happen again!”  Here are a few ……. Always, and I mean always, check the kids’ pockets before doing a load of washing. Otherwise you may find a red crayon, pack of chewing gum, or god forbid a tissue in the wash . . . or worse yet, the dryer. Murphy’s law […]

Goodbye June, hello July

SIX FUN FACTS ABOUT KIDS Fact 1: The average age children begin to use a microwave is seven. Fact 2: A 3-year old Boy’s voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. Fact 3: Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight. Fact 4: On average, a 4-year-old child asks 437 questions a day. Fact 5: Children’s kneecaps only start to turn bony at 3 years of age, until that they are made of cartilage. Fact 6: Research suggests that Children tend to grow faster in spring compared to any other time of the year! Sunshine $35.00 Full of sparkles this ballet flat oozes […]

Displaying kids artwork!

Hi there …. my name is Stacey Scott and I’m one of the owners of Hoof Shoes and a proud mother of 4 children. Two school aged children 7 & 6 and two preschool children aged 4 & 2! Last week when I was picking up my delightful children from day-care my 4 year old son presented 9 pieces of paper which he assured me were pieces of art! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that pre-school children’s art work can be very interesting at times. Especially my 4 year old son who I’m sure picks up a paint brush, does one master stroke and then walks away! […]

How To Look After Little Feet

Did you know that your foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, more than 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, and a whopping 250,000 sweat glands? That may seem like a lot of anatomy in a relatively small package, but then again, your feet are charged with the very important task of supporting the entire body. Kids’ feet endure about 3 times more stress than the average adult foot. This is because of children’s high activity levels and greater proportion of high impact activities compared with adults. Because of the high stress that a child’s foot endures, children should wear shoes with good shock absorption, a well-made foot bed, and durable soles. […]

hoof shoes re-launch a success

Week one of the hoof shoe re-launch has been and gone and what a busy week it has been.  We have been sending parcels all over the country – literally!!  I don’t think we realised how fun it would be wrapping up parcels that were destined for little feet everywhere.  We sure hope you are happy with your purchases – we can assure you that many, many hours have gone into getting these products designed and ready for your little ones feet. Top seller for week one was boots by a country mile.  Our little lady navy has taken top spot closely followed by little lady beige and munchkin brown.  […]

Hoof Shoes is Back

Hoof Shoes Launch Day has finally arrived – yippee!  It has been somewhat of a journey for us from initial business scoping to purchasing the business, then designing the 2015 range of hoof shoes, working with suppliers, managing shipments, consumer testing, website designing, the list goes on……. But we are here and we hope that you are as excited about the launch as we are.  It is our mission to grow and develop the Hoof Shoes brand by providing funky footwear for little feet for every occasion. We aim to offer a range of shoes that satisfy parents need for quality and durability. We aim to offer a range of […]