In our efforts to offer a range of funky shoes for your little ones feet hoof® shoes are manufactured from a number of suppliers making “generic” sizing difficult. Inner sole measurements do vary from one style of shoe to another.

The most accurate method for getting the correct shoe size is to measure your child’s foot, not a shoe they are currently wearing.

hoof® recommends that you re-measure your child’s foot prior to purchasing any new or existing styles.



With your child standing up/weight bearing, measure from the back of the heel through to the longest toe.  You can make this fun by drawing their foot on a piece of paper.  Remember to measure both feet as they can differ slightly from left to right.

Using the longest foot measurement, add 15 mm (if your child is under 18 months allow 10 mm only)

Select the shoe size with the corresponding inner sole measurement

e.g. Style: Mr Fox Gumboot

Childs foot measurement = 154mm
Add 15mm (*10mm for a child <18 months)
Total measurement = 169mm

Looking at the drop down list of sizes for Mr Fox the correct size to order for this style is hoof® size 26 (172mm).

** If the total measurement falls between two sizes, hoof® recommends you choose the larger size.

Please feel free to email [email protected] should you require any assistance or guidance.